Gato Audio PM-2


PM-2 - Stand-Mounted Performance Monitor

Following the breakthrough performance and styling of the cost-no-object Gato Audio FM loudspeaker range, our engineers could easily have rested on their laurels. Instead, they chose an unusual way to celebrate, by immediately applying their considerable skills and newfound insight to the even more daunting task of preserving as much as possible of that exalted performance in a – by High End standards – significantly more affordable loudspeaker series.

This is the genesis of the Gato Audio PM Performance Monitor range.

The PM-2 compact monitor, intended for mounting on a rigid, stable, non-resonant stand approximately 60 cm tall, offers extraordinary tonal fidelity, effortless dynamic expansion and natural, almost holographic illumination into the deepest corners of the soundstage.

Acknowledging the irrefutable fact that the enclosure is the very foundation upon which any loudspeaker is built, the PM-2 is constructed from high-density fibreboard with sleek, curved side panels laminated with up to five layers to ensure maximum strength, rigidity and resonance control.

The elegant curvature of the enclosure is more than a design affectation. The specific geometry of the cabinet eliminates internal standing waves, because reflections between boundaries are never in synchronism. Enclosure geometry is carefully calculated so that any vibration in the front baffle is immediately transferred to the rear where it is absorbed harmlessly in the rounded back profile integrated into the enclosure specifically to provide additional mass loading to aid in damping resonance and vibration.

PM-2 employs Gato Audio's exclusive version of the now legendary Danish developed 38 mm ring radiator high frequency transducer with a powerful ferrite motor and optimised rear chamber cavity. This much praised driver design is employed in some of the world's most expensive High End loudspeakers and is universally acclaimed for its accuracy, detail retrieval and efficiency.

With useful frequency response extending well beyond the range of human hearing, the extremely low distortion and minimal coloration of the unique ring radiator tweeter maintains the integrity of the natural harmonic structure of musical instruments for a thrillingly realistic listening experience.

To match the extraordinary resolution of the ring radiator, the Gato Audio PM-2 incorporates a highly customised Danish designed bass/midrange driver featuring a 170 mm paper cone, ultra low-loss suspension and a powerful motor system with optimised voice coil and shorting rings at both ends of the pole piece for reduced inductance and distortion. This outstanding drive unit ensures tonal accuracy, precise handling of the subtlest micro-details and breathtaking transient response.

Gato Audio PM-2 is available in handsome Glossy Black or Glossy White finish. The front grilles employ magnetic attachments which can be aligned with the driver screws for convenient installation. Dual sets of gold-plated copper binding posts connect directly to the crossover network's high and low frequency sections to facilitate bi-wiring or bi-amping for enhanced headroom, clarity and resolution of fine detail.

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Frequency response 50 Hz – 25kHz (-6dB)
Sensitivity (2,83v) 89dB
Recommended power amplifier 50 to 300Watts
Nominal impedance 4 ohm
Connectors Gold plated 4mm Plugs, bi-wire

High Frequency 38mm ring radiator, powerful ferrite motor and optimised chamber
Mid & Low Frequency 170mm paper cone. low loss suspension, motor with shorting rings and optimised voice coil

Weight & Dimensions
Weight 11 Kg / 24.25 lb


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