Musical Fidelity M1 SDAC


The M1 SDAC is the ideal front end / pre-amp for the modern music lover. It combines a wide suite of digital and analogue inputs, each coupled with Musical Fidelity’s legendary electronic engineering to deliver a startling level of musical detail.

Building on a long line of Musical Fidelity DACs, the M1 SDAC uses experience gained over 25 years to deliver world-class audio performance from any input. In its role as a pre-amplifier it is the ideal hub for any music system and is suited to a whole host of source components.

The M1 SDACs USB and Bluetooth connectivity make it the idea partner for mobile and computer sources, each treated with a level of care and precision rarely found in Hi-Fi equipment. Conventional sources are also well catered for, be they analogue or digital in nature.

As the perfect partner for the M1 PWR Power Amp the M1 SDAC is sure to delight it’s owners for many years to come, delivering countless hours of musical pleasure.

Its fully asynchronous USB input is designed to deliver exceptional quality at all sample rates and from all file types. It is perfectly suited for computers running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

The Bluetooth wireless input has been designed to deliver the very best audio quality from mobile devices and uses the aptX system for stunning sound quality over the entire audio band. It is backwards compatible with previous Bluetooth implementations making it a perfect partner for a wide range of portable and computer sources.

Further digital connections can be made via SPDIF Coax or Toslink Optical cables or, for ultimate performance, by AES/EBU digital audio using an XLR connector. Both the SPDIF Coax and AES/EBU inputs are capable of accepting the 24bit / 192kHz digital data provided by the very best of modern recordings.

The inclusion of a clean, ultra low distortion pre-amp stage and a pair of conventional analogue inputs (on RCA / Phono connectors) means the M1 SDAC is equally at home with more traditional sources. Outputs are offered in both analogue and digital formats, each being designed with the upmost care and with components of exceptional quality.

Full infra red remote control and 12v trigger connections mean the M1 SDAC is ready for inclusion in the very best of audio systems.



Jitter:THD(+ noise):Frequency Response: +0, –3dB, 2Hz to 90 kHz (192 kHz input sample rate)


1x XLR AES balanced digital input 32-192 kbps (16-24 bit stereo PCM)
2x RCA coaxial connector SPDIF 32-192 kbps (16-24 bit stereo PCM)
1x TOSLINK optical connector 32-96 kbps (16-24 bit stereo PCM)
1x USB 2.0 type ‘B’ connector for computer - 16-24 bits, 32-192 kbps fully asynchronous (Determined by source file/computer settings)
1x aptX Bluetooth input v2.1 + EDR spec
2x RCA Phono analogue line-level inputs
1x 12V trigger input, mono 3.5mm jack, +/- 4.5V to +/- 15V


1x line level RCA (phono)
1x RCA coax connector SPDIF, 32-196 kbps (16-24 bit stereo PCM)
1x Toslink optical connector 32-96 kbps (16-24 bit stereo PCM)
1x Headphones output 6.5mm stereo jack
1x 12V trigger ouput, mono 3.5mm jack, 12v


Dimensions - WxHxD (mm): 220 x 100 x 310
Weight (unpacked / packed): 3.3 kg / 4.8 kg





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