Rega Queen


Rega are proud to have been approached by legendary rock band ‘Queen’ to produce a limited edition (fully licensed) turntable to coincide with the release of their 18 piece 180g vinyl LP boxset containing all 15 hit studio albums sourced from the original master tapes mastered by Bob Ludwig and cut at Abbey Road studios.

The design of this unique custom turntable includes reproductions of classic Queen logo’s, and incorporates the tonearm technology of the multi-award-winning ‘plug and play’ Rega turntables. Both brand and band are quintessentially English and the combination of engineering and musical achievements make for a perfect match.

Turntable features:

* The Queen turntable is a brand new product designed specifically for ‘Queen’.
* A custom designed high gloss acrylic laminated plinth silk screened with ‘Queen by Rega’ logo.
* Silk screened ‘Queen crest’ platter from artwork created by Freddie Mercury.
* Hand built RB101 tonearm.
* Factory fitted Rega Carbon moving magnet cartridge.
* Low noise low vibration 24v synchronous high performance motor.
* Queen dustcover lid badge.
* Optional upgrade (sold separately) is available to the handmade high performance moving magnet Rega Bias 2 cartridge.
* This cartridge is designed specifically for the ‘plug and play’ RB101 tonearm mounted on the ‘Queen by Rega’ turntable.

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* Specialdesignad högblank akryllaminerad plint med ”Queen av Rega” logotyp
* Handbyggd RB101 tonarm
* Fabriksmonterad Rega Carbon MM pickup
* Ny 24V synkron högprestandamotor med låg ljudnivå och mycket låga vibrationer
* Tallrik med ”Queen crest” tryck efter Freddie’s originalkonstverk
* Akryllock med Queen-logotyp


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